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Grupo SBS is a group of local companies specialized in financial intermediation, portfolio management, investments funds and debt structuring and emission. Through our business units, we offer a wide range of alternatives to participate in both local and international markets in a quick and efficient manner.


maximize return on our clients’
investments, subject to risk.


Since we are not bound or biased by any agreement or alliance, we can analyze and give advice on the most profitable investments available with our clients’ best interests in mind.


We act quickly and efficiently, turning ideas into business opportunities through operative excellence.


Talent, experience and a renowned trajectory combine to optimize our clients’ investment portfolios

Net Worth

Our managing directors’ reputation and financial support are the best guarantee of soundness and operating capacity in order to meet our clients’ needs.

Spirit of Service

We enjoy our work and we try to transmit this passion to our clients. Our style is defined by personalized service, permanent availability and constant willingness.


Our analysts constantly monitor and construe information in real time so as to best serve our clients.

We offer a wide range of alternatives that provide our clients with the possibility of operating in local and international markets in a quick and efficient manner.

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Since 1990, our sole priority is to service our clients by lending advice on stock-market and non stock-market (investments funds, debt structuring and issue) activities, executing orders with precision, and providing a wide range of coverage on macro and corporate news in real time through our Research Department.

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Our business culture and principles are not only rooted in ethics and abiding with the law. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) constitutes an important part of our practice. Grupo SBS deeply committed to having an active role in society through philanthropy and collaboration with different public service institutions

Eliana Gabriela Scarlata:

Cuit: 27-25844935-0
CNV registered agent under Nº 368.

Jorge Enrique Vélez:

CNV registered agent under Nº 378.

Marín y Asociados

Cuit: 30-69424599-0
CNV registered agent under Nº468.

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The FACTA law (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) was enacted in USA on March, 18th 2010, to prevent tax evasion of those US citizens making investments abroad. As a result, the USA Government requires Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) to commit themselves to cooperate with the Internal Revenue Service (similar to AFIP in our country) identifying those US citizens who have accounts overseas. Therefore, as from July 2014, when the FACTA law was officially enacted, SBS Group modified the requirements for opening accounts and updated its clients’ files. In addition, the company promised to report the required information to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and to make the corresponding tax withholdings, if necessary. The document is available under "Communicado A5581" from the BCRA

SBS Trading S.A. Alyc y AN Integral

registrado bajo el N° 53 de la CNV

SBS Trade S.A. Alyc y AN Propio

registrado bajo el N° 48 de la CNV