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In 2007, Grupo SBS created SBS Asset Management S.A. SGFCI, a company focus in the administration of Investments Funds.

Our main goal is to seize the most profitable investment opportunities, subject to each of the different funds’ risk profile, using fundamental analysis through every step of the decision-making process, and keeping a global open-mindedness while acting locally. SBS Asset Management S.A. SGFCI’s family of funds is aimed at meeting these requirements, positioning itself in the local market with a distinguished capacity for analysis and action, as well as independence.

Management, Procedures, Systems, Auditing and Risk Rating are the fundamental tenants of SBS Asset Management S.A. SGFCI’s philosophy, which go hand in hand with the corporate and independent experience of Grupo SBS.

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SBS Capital

• AR$ 6.800 MM invested in 2014
• 48 transactions completed
• Ranks in top 5 non-bank
  product issuers

SBS Capital is Grupo SBS’s investment banking division.
We develop tailored financial solutions for Corporations, Governments and Institutional Investors.

Our purpose is to Coordinate and Structure debt issues, trust funds and structural financing in capital markets. Through our web of professionals throughout the country, we are able to provide coverage to a wide range of companies with our products and services.
Our team of professionals creates platforms and investment products that help companies and potential-growth enterprises incorporate equity and find financing

Business Focus

• Tailor-made financial solutions
• Coordination, Structure and Issuance of products
• New investment platforms.
• Web of investors with presence across the country.

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5to puesto ranking

Protagonists in the Argentine market.
Playing a major role in the Argentine market, we are ranked among the top 5 brokerage firms in Argentina in terms of trading volume. With 3 generations in the equity market, we keep a close relationship with key players in the financial world, working with a strong commitment towards the development of the Argentine capital market.

We offer our clients trading across equity, fixed income and derivative products in the local market, as well as a wide range of products associated with corporate finance and financial consulting.

We act as Coordinators and Investors in primary emissions of corporate debt and trust funds. Our trading activities with key players in Latin American, European and American financial markets give us access, always acting as an agent, to non-tradable assets in the local market, in this way expanding our range of strategies and potential for portfolio diversification.

SBS Finanzas Personales

  • Portfolio Management
  • Personal finance advisors

Our main goal is to cover all aspects in the management of our clients' wealth.

We provide access to a wide range of financial assets, that span both local and international markets, combining quickness and precision in the execution of transactions, all under the protection of the operating rules and regulations of the Comisión Nacional de Valores (CNV), the Mercado de Valores de Buenos Aires (Circular 3436), and with Caja de Valores as custodian.

Knowledge and understanding of our clients’ objectives and expectations, as well as their tolerance to changes in the value of their investments, is the foundation upon which we design and build personalized investment portfolios.

We drive to adequately manage risk for our clients in every step of the investment process through systematic monitoring, as well as prioritizing asset quality and portfolio diversification.

SBS research

Our Research team is in charge of monitoring and analyzing local and international financial markets with the purpose of identifying the best investment opportunities for our clients, given each of their specific risk profiles.

Through top-down analysis, macro variables and the impact of public policy on markets and the economy are evaluated so as to identify potential growth sectors that may yield positive returns.

Using a bottom-up approach, our Research team carries out a thorough analysis of different kinds of corporations, debt issuers and financial assets (equity, bonds, commodities, trust funds, marketable debt securities, etc.), that allows them to determine which investment products will maximize our clients’ risk-return profile.

The Research team is an active participant in SBS’s Investment Committee, playing a key role by providing an analytical edge that adds value to the Group’s investment selection process, as well as to its overall vision of the market.